Friday, May 11, 2012

A natural method for instant relief from kidney stone pain.

Kidney stones, when in the ureter are reported to be more painful than giving birth. But only those women who have gone through the kidney pain, and also had a normal delivery can give anything like a comparative picture. Be it as it may, one thing is certain, any relief from kidney pain is wholeheartedly welcome.

This week my husband had a revival of his kidney stone problem.  It was his second episode within a few days, and he was suffering excruciating pain despite pain killer injections. I surfed the net for some home technique which might help and came across this site . The site said that it was an all natural method of passing kidney (ureter) stones and also that it was - Simple, Easy to do, Fast (within minutes), Almost painless and Especially effective for beginners

That was a lot of pluses and, desperate to try anything, my husband did the jumps (in the middle of the night – our poor neighbours downstairs J). At the second set of jumps he felt something like a “whoosh” inside him, and thereafter passed out the stone. A total of 10 minutes and the stone was out and the pain gone.

Was it sheer coincidence? Maybe. Or had it worked? We cannot say for certain but apparently so. Since the technique is so very simple, it is definitely worth a try if anyone you know ever has a problem when the kidney stone starts moving downwards. (In a nutshell it is – drink lots of water and keep emptying the bladder, also jump twice every 5 minutes!!!!).  But go to the site to really understand and follow the correct techniques.

I contacted the site owner to convey my thanks and got back a message that 99% of users of the methods, that they had heard from, reported "good" to "super-good" results! So if you or your friend or relative have pain due to kidney stone, do try this method.

(This post is written in appreciation of the almost instant relief my husband got)


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  11. it is definitely worth a try if anyone you know ever has a problem when the kidney stone starts moving downwards. (In a nutshell it is – drink lots of water and keep emptying the bladder, also jump twice every 5 minutes!!!!). But go to the site to really understand and follow the correct techniques. Thanks for information.

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