Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to dry up a boil on the body

Sometimes we end up having boils on the body which come up for no apparent reason. They are slightly painful, red and might even be starting some pus formation. Here is an easy method that has worked.


Anyway, for the body, take some dry turmeric powder - haldi - in a small bowl, say quarter to half a teaspoon. Add some water - say 1-2 teaspoons - experiment on the amount / consistency as you go along. Take a bit of cotton wool, dip this into the turmeric  paste / water, and apply directly to the boil. Remove the cotton wool and let the area air dry.

Repeat during the day - say four to five times. And hey - presto, you should find that the boil has dried up.

Do let me know if this works for you.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heal internal wounds with turmeric

Ever fallen down and ended up with an ache in the body but no obvious wound. Turmeric works wonders.

Heat some milk - add sugar to taste if you want but this is not a requirement. Into this, stir in turmeric powder, say half a teaspoon, and drink it. Once, maximum twice, a day. You can take this even if there is an external injury which you are treating this with other medicines, healing will be much faster.

Incidentally milk does not suit me so I reduce the milk - I take it with even two tablespoons of milk. Otherwise it will work even with warm water. Here the quantum of turmeric powder may require to be reduced.

But remember, the trick is that the turmeric powder should be raw, and should be added after the milk has been heated.

Friday, May 11, 2012

A natural method for instant relief from kidney stone pain.

Kidney stones, when in the ureter are reported to be more painful than giving birth. But only those women who have gone through the kidney pain, and also had a normal delivery can give anything like a comparative picture. Be it as it may, one thing is certain, any relief from kidney pain is wholeheartedly welcome.

This week my husband had a revival of his kidney stone problem.  It was his second episode within a few days, and he was suffering excruciating pain despite pain killer injections. I surfed the net for some home technique which might help and came across this site . The site said that it was an all natural method of passing kidney (ureter) stones and also that it was - Simple, Easy to do, Fast (within minutes), Almost painless and Especially effective for beginners

That was a lot of pluses and, desperate to try anything, my husband did the jumps (in the middle of the night – our poor neighbours downstairs J). At the second set of jumps he felt something like a “whoosh” inside him, and thereafter passed out the stone. A total of 10 minutes and the stone was out and the pain gone.

Was it sheer coincidence? Maybe. Or had it worked? We cannot say for certain but apparently so. Since the technique is so very simple, it is definitely worth a try if anyone you know ever has a problem when the kidney stone starts moving downwards. (In a nutshell it is – drink lots of water and keep emptying the bladder, also jump twice every 5 minutes!!!!).  But go to the site to really understand and follow the correct techniques.

I contacted the site owner to convey my thanks and got back a message that 99% of users of the methods, that they had heard from, reported "good" to "super-good" results! So if you or your friend or relative have pain due to kidney stone, do try this method.

(This post is written in appreciation of the almost instant relief my husband got)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Improve your persistent cough

First, all health articles say persistent coughs should not be taken casually but got properly checked up as it can be a symptom of something more serious, for e.g. tuberculosis or even cancer (as we very recently found to our great sorrow). So do get it checked up. Please.
In my mother’s case it was due to the fact that, with increasing age and other problems, she spent almost the entire time lying down, getting up only for her meals. This caused the phlegm to accumulate and no amount of cough syrups or other medication helped on a sustained basis. This had been going on for a few years, and she used to cough and cough and cough.
I gave her tulsi (holy basil) in her morning and evening tea. I got a small pot for my window sill and would pluck a few leaves each day, then wash them well and boil them for a few (say 5) minutes in water. Then made tea, in the usual manner with this water – the leaves would be strained out alongwith the tea leaves. An improvement was visible in a few days and with regular use the cough reduced to next to negligible.

(The above photographs of tulsi have been downloaded by me from the Net, if I have violated any copyright, please let me know and I shall remove them immediately)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do you have painful menstrual periods?

I know I used to. And I would take the first day off college or work since I dislike taking painkillers. But once I started working in a predominantly male office, the monthly leave made it too obvious, besides exhausting my leave quota. I found a very effective solution.
Start drinking warm water, as hot as can be taken at the first signs of the onset of the period. And continue to do so throughout the day. I not only found the pain became bearable, the intensity of pain reduced over the months.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feel a stye in the eye coming on, dont panic

Styes in the eye have troubled me for a long long tme.
Then a friend of my father told me to try this:  tie a black thread 7 times around the base of the big toe on the opposite side of the concerned eye, not very loosely, just fitting the toe. It seems that it presses on some nerve. The minute you feel a stye coming on, do this, it stops the emergence of the stye, and the eye is fine again. I've done it for a long time now, and it always works.